Are you worried about failure? Postponing everything to start at a perfect time? Feeling lazy to start over?

Here I come up with some real time practices helping you all the way.

 Whenever I start a new skill or job, I usually think about the finishing like how could I reach there?. If it is a new skill then, I watch YouTube videos and read as many blogs as I can to gain minimum knowledge. I also look for the successful people in that field and compare myself to them. BOOM!.... It looks so complex, continuously thinking about the perfect skill to pursue and leave my efforts in the mid, then again started to collect theoretical knowledge.

If you are feeling this way, you can continue reading this blog to help yourself.

Set up your goal:

First you need to plan about the goal. What do you want to achieve? How can you achieve that?
If you don't have clear cut knowledge then,
Watch YouTube videos
Read blogs
Talk with the expert whom you know in that field.

Follow the competitor:

You must need a competitor, because whenever you lose focus you can see the growth of your competitor. Probably you will gain more interest to follow up your work and lead.
List the tactics of your competitor and think about how could you change your path to compete them. Healthy competition is the best one.

Expectation is the obstacle:

Don't expect overnight victory. Evolving to be the best requires lot of time, energy and efforts.
Don't put the time limit to test your skills. Your environment and background is different from competitor's. So compare the progress, path you covered.

Slow phase isn't a failure:

Sometimes our progress will be slow. Don't fear and stress yourself. Don't bother about giant or baby steps, our ultimate goal is to reach the destination. So, take the step.
 If you were tired then, just look at the path you covered and remember, only few steps are required to achieve your dream.

Believe in almighty, he will do that magic anytime. So why are you waiting start right now!!!